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Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions: Granite website

All blogs, photos, sounds, music, videos and audio submitted to the Granite website will be considered for inclusion by the National Theatre of Scotland. After submitting your post, there is no guarantee it will be published on the site. Should your post be published, it will be subject to the following terms. By submitting your post/the content to the National Theatre of Scotland you are agreeing to the following terms.

I understand that my submitted content (which includes all text, graphics, photos, sounds, music,videos, audiovisual combinations) may be displayed (in whole or in part) on Granite webpage hosted by the National Theatre of Scotland and may be shown from time to time on other broadcast platforms anywhere in the world (whether by National Theatre of Scotland or by a third party permitted to do so by the National Theatre of Scotland) and I consent to all of the foregoing and I confirm that I have obtained the consent to such publication of all persons, companies and organisations involved in or having rights in the submitted content.

I understand that my submitted content may feature in the Granite production held in Marischal College, Aberdeen, 31 March – 2 April 2016 or in any of the Granite trailblazers; Granite Sound,Granite Theatre, Granite Dance and Granite Video.

I understand that my content or extracts from the content may be shown and distributed, at any time now or in the future, by the National Theatre of Scotland (or third parties permitted to do so by National Theatre of Scotland) at relevant events and through other digital broadcast platforms (web and TV based) and for press and publicity purposes. I consent to all of the foregoing.

I confirm that I own all the rights in the submitted content or have the relevant permission(s) necessary to allow the content to be displayed for public exhibition as set out above. I am willing to produce evidence of such ownership permissions if required by the National Theatre of Scotland.

I confirm that I have the necessary permission from the venue or location I may have selected to perform and record my content in that location or venue and the necessary permission for that recording to be exhibited online or otherwise as set out above.

I have cleared all copyright material in this content and have the necessary permission for it to be used in this way. (Note: copyright material includes elements such as music – including background radio etc. – graphics, photographs, artwork etc.). Without limiting the foregoing to the best of my knowledge and belief having made all reasonable and diligent inquiries the content does not

(i) infringe copyright or (ii) any other rights of any third party or (iii) contain material which is obscene, (iv) breach any contract or (v) any duty of confidence, privacy or publicity or (vi) represent acontempt of court or (vii) violate any law, government regulation or order or, (viii) contain materialwhich is defamatory of any person.

I understand and agree that any fees, costs or other claims arising from the exhibition of my content by the National Theatre of Scotland (or by a third party permitted to do so by National Theatre of Scotland) are solely my responsibility and that the National Theatre of Scotland shall not be required to make any payments for residuals, royalties, participations, re-use fees, residual fees, or other payments to any persons or to any guilds or unions representing such persons for the privilege or right of exploiting or marketing the content, or other payments. I agree that the National Theatre of Scotland will not be held responsible for any breach by me of any obligations.

I understand that the decision of the National Theatre of Scotland as to whether or not and where to exhibit my content is entirely their decision and is final.

I confirm that I will indemnify the National Theatre of Scotland against any claim against them arising directly from the filming, recording, performing and exhibition of my content, including not by way of limitation, legal proceedings for libel or defamation or copyright infringement.

I agree that National Theatre of Scotland makes no warranty or representation to me regarding my participation in Granite or the use (or non use) of the content submitted bv me and all such warranties (express or implied ) are disclaimed by National Theatre of Scotland to the fullest extent permissible by law.  I agree that the National Theatre of Scotland shall not be liable for any indirect or consequential losses I may suffer, including without limitation, loss of profit, loss of goodwill or reputation or loss of opportunity. Nothing however shall exclude or restrict any rights that I am entitled to and which cannot be excluded or restricted by applicable law.

I hereby grant the National Theatre of Scotland a non-exclusive licence to exhibit the content free of charge as set out above and the National Theatre of Scotland shall be entitled to sublicense third parties to do the same. I waive any moral rights that I may have in the content for all purposes set out above.

I agree that these terms and the relationship with the National Theatre of Scotland shall be governedby Scots law and I submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish courts to resolve any legalissues arising out of these terms.   I agree that if any provision (or part ) of these terms are found to be invalid then that term (or the  invalid part) shall be deemed to have been removed and the rest ofthe terms shall continue to be valid and enforceable.

I agree that if I believe my image/materials I own copyright to have appeared on the site without my consent, I will  inform the National Theatre of Scotland’s Director of External Affairs immediately (telephone 0141 221 0970).

These terms constitute the whole legal agreement between me and the National Theatre of Scotland regarding my participation in Granite and the submission and use of my content. I agree that if the National Theatre of Scotland does not enforce any part of these terms that this will not constitute a waiver of their rights and the National Theatre of Scotland shall be entitled to exercise their rights at any time.